The gable is the upper final wall surface of a building in the area of ​​the roof. The roof edge there is called a verge. Gable can also be the short form for gable wall, the entire outer wall that extends to the surface of the site and that bears the actual gable.

Roof formwork:
The roof formwork supports the roof covering on the sheet metal roof, and it can also be used diagonally to provide longitudinal reinforcement. It can also be used to create a rainproof sub-roof.

The rafters carry the battens.

Wind panicle:
The wind panicle is used for the longitudinal bracing of the roof structure.

The purlins carry the rafters. They are used on the purlin roof. The middle purlins are the most dimensioned components of a roof structure.

The headband reduces the span of the purlin and, to a lesser extent, serves to reinforce the longitudinal structure of the roof structure.

The stand serves as a support point for the purlin. It stands on the top floor.

The function of the chimney is based on the chimney effect. It creates a buoyancy due to the lighter gas column compared to the surrounding air. The geometric parameters of height and clear width of the chimney must therefore be matched to the amount of gas to be pumped and its temperature.